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    Somewhere in the woods
    Where cranes call in the day
    and stars shine at night
    Life is slow, close to nature
    • Wellbeing in Bolimówek
    • Only 70 km from Warsaw
    • Wellbeing in Bolimówek
    • Only 70 km from Warsaw

    We built Bolimówek for all of those who embrace life close to nature and respect its rhythm. Here you will find relaxation, get away from the noise and find comfort in life’s small pleasures. Located only 70 km from the hustle and bustle of the city, sometimes it’s hard for us to believe that an hour’s drive from central Warsaw can take you to a place so peaceful as if it’s in another world.

    That’s kind of the case, as we’re located smack-bang in the heart of Bolimów Landscape Park. You won’t be the only guests at our 2000 square metre property: roe deer, storks and cranes all frolic around, a family of beavers have made home at the banks of the nearby Rawka and those of hikers with a sharper eye might even spot an elk or two. This enchanting strip of land has become our second home, Bolimówek.

    Indulge in all of Bolimówek’s luxuries: leisurely walks along the hill, lazy breakfasts overlooking the woods (best free-range eggs are from the neighbour, Ms Basia and tomatoes straight off the vine – from her sister-in-law), cycling trips, lingering evenings by the log fire dragging out into the late hours. Bolimówek is just like us: we believe in living your life slowly and locally all the while respecting nature.

    • A house full of warmth
    • Accommodates 9
    • A house full of warmth
    • Accommodates 9

    Bolimówek consists of two houses: a bigger and a smaller one, together perfect for a group of 9 guests. We have made every effort to make sure that this space provides all that it takes to kick back and unwind immersed in the natural environment.  

    The larger of the two houses (256 m²) boasts a spacious open-plan ground floor with a roomy, well-equipped kitchen and a living area with a fireplace, a bathroom with a shower and sauna and one of the bedrooms. The first floor consists of the remaining 3 bedrooms, a common area with a sofa bed and a bathroom with a shower and a washing machine. The other house provides additional sleeping space for two extra guests and a mezzanine with a mattress for any additional sleepers. 

    The houses’ interiors are full of warmth. Decorating these spaces, we’ve made do with as many natural materials as possible: wooden floorboards, wall panels, as well as beams under the ceiling, the comfy sofas and armchairs, the soft lighting and subtle décor all evoke the feeling of warm bonhomie: a rustic hideaway in which to find some well-deserved peace and quiet. Our guests are welcome to light the fireplace as they see fit (lovely for a night in curling up with a book and a glass of wine). We’re not gonna lie, though – having meals and lazy evenings out on the vast (70 m²)  terrace is just as nice, with storks to admire in spring and leaves turning golden in autumn.

    Outside fire pit
    Tea & coffee
    Towels & bedding
    • Live like a local and close to nature
    • Bolimówek’s attractions
    • Live like a local and close to nature
    • Bolimówek’s attractions

    The woods, river, wildlife, hiking, lush greenery. Life in Bolimówek is unhurried and lived according to the rhythm of nature. We do our shopping at the neighbours’, cook whatever’s in season, take walks and cycling trips around the Park, seeing the odd deer, fox or hare along our way. Waiting for the guests of Bolimówek are the following attractions.

    A taste of the region

    Bolimówek will leave every fan of simple, local and seasonal food very happy. In the nearby town of Bolimów (4 km), ideally during the Saturday farmers’ market you can stock up the comfortable, fully equipped kitchen at Bolimówek. During the golden days of autumn, the nearby woods are abundant with wild mushrooms. 

    If you’d rather have a taste of local cooking at a restaurant, in the neighbouring town of Nieborów you will find some of the region’s finest eateries serving local delicacies such as foraged mushrooms and game – the highlights include our very favourite Oberża pod Złotym Prosiakiem and the excellent Posterunek 77.

    Active recreation

    Just a 100 metre away from Bolimówek flows the wild river Rawka, along which runs our favourite hiking route. Stretching along the side of a hill through a quaint beech forest, walking it always feels like a privilege to experience.

    The Bolimów Landscape Park boasts many trails perfect for hiking, jogging or cycling at a broad range of difficulty levels. And for all those in need of an adrenaline rush, we recommend a spot of canoeing down the Rawka (rentals available 2 km from Bolimówek), while any equestrian enthusiasts will be more than happy to discover several horse farms in the local area.

    Attractions in the area

    The local area offers an abundance of activities that will fit perfectly into the Bolimówek’s slow pace of life. In nearby Bolimów you will find Konopczyński Family Pottery Workshop, which throws regular workshops for all those keen to learn a thing or two about the art of hand-made ceramics. 

    If it’s activities for the under 18 crowd that you’re after, consider the nearby Psotny Kucyk agritourism. They organise a number of fun workshops and activities for children, training sessions and introductory classes to horse riding and a variety of artistic to name a few.

    We would truly love it for you to revel in all what Bolimówek and its local area have to offer. We hope discovering this place and its charm for your own will make you fall in love with it just as much as we have.

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